Olive Oil and Gastronomy Workshops

In the Unión Española de Catadores (Spanish Union of Tasters), Madrid, she is in charge of activities related to olive oil. In addition to workshops on olive oil tasting, Alicia offers insight into the history of olive oil and its inspiration on literature and art, and also asks the big questions about its current and future role in tourism, the hospitality industry and in our kitchens.

She also offers both theory and practical workshops on Spanish gastronomy, drawing on her years of research, The Heritage of Spanish Cooking (Weldon Russell, 1992), which she co-authored, and her experience as the head chef of her own two restaurants.

Lastly, she also delves into her investigations of the psychology of taste and her own ideas on the expressive possibilities of food to offer a poetic, sensorial workshop on olive oil as a medium for communication and another on sensory rejuvenation and rediscovery of the everyday.