Promotional Tours

How to Use Olive Oil, 1989

A promotional campaign in England, Sweden and Finland

  • Talks, discussions, media interviews, TV, press, radio.
  • Demonstrations at cookery schools and restaurants.
  • Organization of olive oil tastings.


Leith's School of Food and Wine- cooking demonstration

The Cordon Bleu School of Cookery, London- cooking demonstration


Olive Oil in History (lecture)

Sollentuna Kommun - KulturforvaItinengen, Stockholm.

Spanish Week: Spanish Menus, Spansk Vinprovning: Spansk Olprovni

Menu design and Head Chef for a week.

Star Hotel Sollentuna, Stockholm.

Traditional Uses of Olive Oil in the Kitchen and at the Table (lecture).

Voyage Stockholm- Helsinfors- Helsinki on board the SIWA LINE.


Olive Oil Campaign launch reception and dinner.

HMGA Instituuti School of Hotel and Restaurant Management, Helsinki.

Theory and practical cookery classes using olive oil at the following catering schools:

Hotelli Haaga

Haaga Instituutin Konlutushotelli

Hotel Kungsvagen, Esbo

Ravintolakoulu, Perno

Hotelli Oppipoika, Rovaniemi

Aretia Hotel Polar, Rovaniemi

Lapin Pohtimo Hotel, Sinetto, Laponia

Matkailualan Ossilaitos, Porvoon,

Helsinki Hotelii Kuninkantie, Espoo


Olive Oil Promotional Campaign in Australia, 1990. Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

Public Relations, Consultancy and Consumer Advisory for the Spanish Olive Oil Committee of Australia.

  • Interviews with chefs, cookery and gastronomy writers, TV and radio food journalists.
  • Culinary demonstrations for supermarket chains, Australian Gas Cooking School, consumer groups.
  • Lunches to present the product, followed by informative discussions.
  • Olive oil tastings.

Commissioned by the Spanish Ministry of Trade - Institute of Foreign Trade (lCEX) and by the Spanish Association of the Olive Oil Industry and Export Trade, ASOLIVA,

Organized by Network Communications Sydney Pty. Ltd.