Gastronomy and Food Culture

International Olive Oil Council:

Olive Oil Museum:

Spain Gourmet Tour:

Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery:

Gourmet Voice:

PPC ( Petits Propos Culinaires ):

Antoni Miralda and Food Culture Museum, Barcelona:

Le Fooding:

Culiblog, Food related bog:

Paul Levy:

Sri Owen:

Paul van Reyk:

Anissa Helou


Performance and Multisensory

CPR, The Centre for Performance Research:

PSi, Performance Studies international:

Performance Research:


Escuela de los Sentidos:

LIFT, London International Festival of Theatre:

Performance Space, Sydney:

Adelaide Festival:

Ahh… Arts Igniting Minds:

Community Art Lab of Vrede van Utrecht:






Artists/ Performers

Bobby Baker:

Daniel Spoerri:

Theodore Zeldin, The Oxford Muse:

Andrés Jaque:

Fernando Llanos:

Martina von Holn:

David Palazon:

Adrian Navarro:



Melissa Suárez del Real, Guionista:


Multisensory Events Management

Andrea Roo, Organización de Eventos Musicales: