El Libro del Aceite y la Aceituna (The Book of Oil and Olives)

In collaboration with Lourdes March

Illustrations by Guadalupe Rios

458 pages

First edition: Alianza Editorial, paperback, 1989.

Second edition: Ediciones Altaya, hardback in 2 volumes, 1998.

The Heritage of Spanish Cooking

Recipes and chapter on rice by Lourdes

130 historic images

150 photographed recipes by A. Pradera, food styling by the authors

256 pages

First edition:

     Weldon Russell, Sydney, hardback, 1992.

     Random House, New York, hardback, 1992

     Limited Editions, London, hardback, 1992

     Spanish edition: El Arte de La Cocina Espaņola, Blume, Barcelona, hardback, 1993.

     German edition: Grosse Kuchen, Spanien, Christian Verlag, Munich.

     Dutch edition: De Spaanse Kookkunst, De Lantaarn, Time-Life Books, Amsterdam.

Second edition: Promoted by BBV, 1997.

Aceite de Oliva: Vida y Cultura (Olive Oil: Life and Culture)

In collaboration with Lourdes March

Introduction by the Minister of Agricultura, Loyola de Palacio

180 pages

First edition: Patrimonio Comunal Olivarero, hardback, 1998

Cuentos Rellenos (Stuffed Tales)

19 children stories from the Spanish autonomous regions with 19 recipes.

In collaboration with Asun Balzola.

Illustrations by Asun Balzola. 160 pages

Prize: Best Children's Cookery Book 2000, International Cook Book Review

First edition: Ediciones Gaviota, León, 1999.

Basque edition: Ipuin Beteak, Aizkorri Argitaletxea, S.M. Bilbao, 2000.

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