Food Art Workshops

Alicia offers workshops that immerse participants in the world of Eat Art and food art. She provides an overview of the ways in which food is used by artists, its narrative content and plastic qualities, and of the process Ali&Cia employs in the production of their works. In addition to the theory and depending on the context of each workshop and the time available, she also offers various practical exercises exploring the use of food as an artistic medium and oversees the creation of individual projects.

Alicia has also tailored workshops to particular projects as was the case with her Gastronomy Workshop for the Espaí de Arte Contemporaní de Castelló in Castellón, Spain, which formed the third in a series looking at the traditions of the local fiestas and the reinterpretation of their symbolism and ritual.

In addition, Alicia has developed a workshop looking at food as communication, using olive oil as a medium for correspondence. It's a poetic, sensorial exercise that opens up the mind to other ways of imagining food and has been run at various prestigious food events.