Ali&Cia Food Artists

In the early 90s Alicia Ríos began to create food performances and in 1995 she co-founded the artistic working group Ali&Cia (Ali&Co in Spanish) along with the architect Barbara Ortiz.

Individually and as part of Ali&Cia she has produced an extensive range of performances, installations, sensory concerts and phagy rituals where reality is reinterpreted through food and devoured collectively.

Participating in arts festivals and celebrations in Europe, America and Australia, Ali&Cia have produced edible greenhouses, libraries and entire cities and islands. These multi-sensory, participatory food events have been staged for up to four thousand people.

Like an amoeba, Ali&Cia expands, contracts, adapts, absorbs and reflects in response to the circumstances of each work's context. Co-founder Barbara Ortiz has been the artistic director on all projects to date. Also currently involved are Simon Cohen, in research and production, and the documentary makers Diego Vega and Miguel Eraso. Past collaborators have included Marcos Velasco, Cristina Guijarro, Manuel González de Diego and Ana Riazanova among many, many others.

Alicia can be contacted to give presentations on her work as a food artist and to run workshops on food art.

Please also get in touch if you are interested in staging a food art event. Ali&Cia create specific works that address the particular context of your celebration or festival. It's a very exciting and rewarding process that we'd love to be able to share with you and your guests. You'll never think of food in quite the same way again!