Both individually and as part of her artistic working group Ali&Cia (Ali&Co in Spanish) Alicia Ríos has produced an extensive range of food related art projects, including sensory concerts and phagy rituals where reality is reinterpreted through food and devoured collectively.


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On Friday September 30th Alicia led a salt tasting in Sanl√ļcar de Barrameda, C√°diz. In addition to discerning between the sensory profiles of different salts from the region of C√°diz, participants learned about its history, symbolism and the various harvesting processes involved in its production. You can read about it on the website of the venue, the Fundaci√≥n Dominguez Lobato
(in Spanish)

Alicia's olive oil tastings have been highlighted in the National Geographic Madrid Guidebook as a key experience for a visit to Madrid. You can take a look HERE

A new Ali&Cia video is now online. You can take a look HERE and find out how the a Pictophagy ceremony is prepared. Share and enjoy!

Ali&Cia has been featured on the blog of the 2011 Mobius Wearable Art Runway Show. You can check it out HERE

Pau Amengual has directed a short documentary about Alicia titled 'El Bosque de la Aceituna' ('The Olive Forest'). See it HERE
(in Spanish)

On Thursday 18th November in Madrid, Ali&Cia created a full scale model of Arcimboldo's 'Vertumnus' that was then transformed into an edible version of Picasso's 'Le Rêve' thanks to Braun's new cordless hand blender. This performance was the main course in the launch of their latest product. You can take a look at the pictures HERE

On November 8th, Alicia Rios gave a presentation on Urbanophagy as well as a very special olive oil tasting session at the PINC.FOOD conference in the Netherlands. The word PINC stands for People, Ideas, Nature and Creativity. It is a series of food related conferences that this year will cover subjects such as sustainability, food design, food miles or supermarket vs. taste. You can find more information about the conferences and the rest of the speakers at the PINC website.

Ali&Cia's "Fideuá Sónica," was part of the Sound Art Festival Anem, Anem: Festa de L'Escolta and was a feast for the eyes and ears... and stomach. You can take a look HERE , and get some ideas for your own Fideuá Sónica outfit.

You can check out HERE the photos from the "Saqueo de Souvenirlandia"; the edible souvenir market held at the Museo de Historia y Antropología in Tenerife in September, 2009.

Winning Short Film
'Devouring Reality' by Ali&Cia member Melissa Su√°rez has been selected as one of 20 winners in the Food Film Contest 'A Matter of Taste', organised by NisiMasa, the european film network. See it here:
Or click here to see the list of 20 winners:

Have a look at Ali&Cia's contribution to Acción Con Hambre ('Action With Hunger'/'Hungry Action'), a compilation of recipes for performances with edible endings (in Spanish):

We’re also working on invitations to design Eat Art community projects for Dublin, Miami and Amsterdam.

Alicia Ríos is a professional olive oil taster and expert, Spanish food historian and a passionate advocate of Mediterranean olive oil culture. The co-author of books about olive oil and Spanish food culture, she also gives presentations, runs workshops and acts as a consultant.
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